Education and the retransmission of know-how are the main components of our organization. We offer a range of training courses, both for experienced blacksmiths and for beginners.



For security reasons, it is compulsory to start with the course “Introduction to forging” which lasts 2 days (one weekend).The rate is $ 600.00 + taxes.

Become a member

Once successful with the introduction course, you can become a member by purchasing your annual membership card for $ 400.00 + taxes. Your membership card gives you access to the rental of a workspace (forge fire, anvil, hammers and pincers) for $ 5.00 + taxes / hour* (forging coal is not included in this price list : it costs $ 40.00 + tax / 50 lbs bag. It is essential for your own safety and that of others to have taken the initiation course at the forge to have access, with or without membership card, to the rental of workspace.

*Non-member price for the location : 15$/hour + taxes.

Advanced workshops

You can continue your training by enrolling in the advanced courses, in a group of 5 students for 2 trainers.

Private lessons are also available for $ 25.00 / hour for the members.

It is obligatory to have followed the course Introduction to forging beforehand.

Possibility to try several specialties, for example cutlery, damask steel, according to your interest.