Visits and demonstrations

New in 2020

Starting in 2020, Les Forges de Montréal will offer an open visit schedule and guided tour slots with a forge demonstration.

Visitors will be able to visit the new permanent exhibition SAVOIR-FER: the forge in our societies.

Content of the exhibition

The “Savoir-fer” exhibition presents the evolution of the practices and role of the artisanal forge, from industrialization to the present day. It also helps to demystify the work of the blacksmith. It is also an opportunity to promote the research work carried out by craftspeople at the Forges de Montréal on traditional skills. Finally, it allows us to share the history of the Riverside Pumping Station, a heritage building that has housed the organization for nearly 20 years.

Duration of visit

30 minutes (alone)
45 minutes (with a guide)

Combine the visit with a forge demonstration

On reservation:
Additional charges apply.


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