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National Heritage Ironwork Group

National Heritage Ironwork Group

The National Heritage Ironwork Group (NHIG) is:

  • An organisation dedicated to advancing public awareness and knowledge of ironwork
  • The nation’s only organisation focused on historic ironwork
  • Aiming to become the hub for historic ironwork information
  • A volunteer run organisation

The NHIG was established in 2009 by a group of experienced professionals from a broad range of related fields. Together they recognised that due to the sheer quantity of architectural wrought ironwork within the heritage sector there was a need for:

  •  A representative body
  •  A focal point for the discussion and dissemination of information
  •  A reference point for expertise or consultation
  •  Training routes for professionals

NHIG was set up with the objective of providing these and is currently leading the way worldwide in creating a representative body for the conservation of heritage ironwork through discussion, formalisation, lobbying and distribution of information.

Contact: Adrian Legge
Council member and Trustee