Team Building

In partnership with KI-AI! HR Consulting, we’re offering an innovative program to employers who want to strengthen the links between their team members or to solve certain problems in managing their human resources.


  • Work as a team at the forge;
  • Step out of your usual work environment;
  • Create new bonds.


  • Increases performance, energy, concentration and motivation;
  • Promotes team unity and collaboration;
  • Incites creativity and innovative ideas;
  • Creates a dynamic work environment.

Prerequisites: none
Cost: costs might vary, starting from 500$ + taxes per person
Length: from 1 to 2 days
Group program of 10 participants


For more information on the forge, contact us: ; 438-386-9182

For more information on the program, contact
Patrick Dufault, coach in work relations: ; 514-206-8454