Our mission

The mission of Les Forges de Montrealis to preserve, spread and pass on the artisan heritage of the forge and its trades.
To do this, Les Forges has the following objectives:

  • To contribute significantly to the inventory, the safeguarding, the spreading and the dissemination of the tangible, intangible and property heritages of the forge here and elsewhere, under all of its forms of expression;
  • To promote practical and theoretical research, locally and abroad, in order to reconstruct the historical data and the ancestral techniques representative of Quebec, Canadian and international heritages, and spread that knowledge;
  • To promote the development, conception and sale of products created with patrimonial know-how in the field of artisanal blacksmithing and metallurgy;
  • To encourage the emergence of competent and independent artisan/entrepreneur blacksmiths;
  • To bring together artisans working in different branches of heritage or heritage-inspired blacksmithing and metallurgy trades, and make their work known.