Education and the retransmission of know-how are the main components of our organization. We offer a range of training courses, both for experienced blacksmiths and for beginners.



To become a member at Les Forges de Montreal, you first have to complete our introductory forging class to make sure you understand the fundamentals of blacksmithing, tooling and safety.  To book your Introductory Blacksmithing class, please look at available dates through our Class Calendar.

For people who already have previous blacksmithing experience, we provide a quick test in the form of a small project to be completed in the shop over the course of three hours.  We charge $100 for the test, which will be applied toward your membership cost successful upon completion.  We try to schedule Membership Blacksmithing tests twice a month.  Please view our Class Calendar tool to book the most convenient date for you.

Become a Member

Once successful with the introduction course, you can become a member by purchasing your annual membership for $400.00 + taxes. Your membership gives you access to the rental of a coal fired blacksmithing forge, anvil and basic tooling for $5.00 + taxes / hour.

Consumables, like steel and forging coal are not included in the membership price. We sell many of the consumables you might require and you are encouraged to bring any other tools you may need.  Keep in mind, our focused is for people to develop their blacksmithing skills, not their tig welding skills.

Our 50lb bags of coal $40.00 + tax / bag (which equates to about 16 hours of forge fire).

For qualified people who wish to forge, without buying into a membership, the hourly s Non-member price : 15$ / hour.

For people who wish to use the powerhammers, you will need at least 30 hours of forge time and we require you to take a short class on the use, safety and maintenance.  We try to schedule Power Hammer Classes once per month.  Please refer to our Class Calendar tool to see the schedule.

To become a member, please send us an email with your basic information and we’ll begin the process of registering you.  Send your name, phone number and short description of your blacksmithing experience to


Advanced workshops

For those that have completed our introductory class, a world of possibilities opens up and you can access a variety of specialty classes that will augment your understanding and capabilities through intensive classes we create with in-house and guest instructors.  Please refer to our Class Calendar and please ensure you have the minimum amount of experience required to successfully complete any advanced workshops that require prerequisites.


Private Lessons

Private Lessons are also available for $ 35.00 / hour for our members and $50 / hour for non-members. Please contact us and you can book your class :