Forge Atlas

The documentation and archiving of the knowledge and practices of the forge are two of the essential elements of the mission of the Forges de Montréal. As such, we have developed a blacksmith atlas, designed as an interactive and participatory data collection platform, to collect information on forge practitioners worldwide, whether they are amateurs or professionals, users of Traditional or modern techniques.This documentation tool also aims to be an information tool for individuals, institutions or companies looking for specialized craftsmen.

  • Connecting the know-how carriers;
  • Contribute to the advancement of knowledge in the field of conservation of traditional forging practices;
  • Develop an inventory of practices and know-how of the forge throughout the world;
  • Set up an international directory of craftsmen of the forge.

If you are an amateur craftsman, a professional craftsman or a traditional craftsman, make your practice known by filling out the online form to register on the atlas. Your information may be changed at any time.

To access the registration form: in french, or in english (coming soon).

If you are looking for specialized craftsmen near you, you can explore the atlas of the forge by searching by specialty or by geographical location.

Forge's Atlas

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