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Ornamental Ironwork – May 28 – June 1, 2018

Ironwork - Romain


Useful informations

This class will be taught in French

Prerequisite: Blacksmithing Introductory Class


The first session will consist in an overview of different techniques of ornamental metal working (a discipline linked to architecture and building trades).
During this training, we’ll only briefly touch upon jointing as it is important to first learn how to implement different elements before learning how to joint them mechanically (session 2 will cover traditional joints).

Each student will be a striker for his neighbour.

Please note that the teacher reserves the right to skip or add exercises depending on the progress made by the student, for the sake of reaching the most beneficial training.

Here are the exercises which could be taught in class:

Day 1
Sectioning, straightening, striking and positioning, slicing, whiskering, slice twisting, shaping on drawing (simple curve), etc.

Day 2
Loops, loop variants, loops to nail, helixes with coiled cores and full cores.

Day 3
Round pistils ¾, scraper, male/female hinges, shell spinning and grooving.
Dragon head.

Day 4
Stakes with bee wax finish, copper fillers, round and square drilling, chisel quenching and tempering.

Day 5
Forged nodes, full core helixes core in small iron squares 1/8 (with a large hammer!), drafting an helix and shaping it, chain links.

Romain Francès is a Master Craftsman in ornamental metal work

Taking this class will also provide graduates with the opportunity of acquiring membership to the Montreal Forges and all the benefits that come with.

You will be expected with all the tools and safety equipment required to attend the class. Please wear steel-toe footwear and cotton clothing. Do not wear synthetic materials as they tend to melt to the skin when blacksmithing.

Bringing your lunch to a different level of convenience is easier than ever before. Also bring a water bottle that can not be avoided because of the need for a lot of water.

Classes are from 9am – 5pm everyday.

Students will also be required to sign our waiver before class begins.

Students can also purchase this class by calling us.  438-386-9182