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Knife Forging Introductory Class – May 5 – 6, 2018

Iron Den Forge

Useful informations

This class will be taught in French & English

We will take students through the basic process of forging and heat treating two knives.  This class will only cover the forging aspects of knife making.  Additional classes will be available to prepare, mount, fit and finish handles for students who wish to continue their projects all the way to the end.

Students from our Damascus Classes are welcome to bring their material if they wish to also forge it in class.

Prerequisite: Blacksmithing Introductory Class

Options will be presented, discussed and sample knife blanks will provide some sense of what people can hope to achieve in class.  5160 will be the steel provided in enough quantity to forge two knives ranging in size from 6-10″ in length depending on the distribution of material.  Topics discussed, demonstrated and worked will include: design considerations for fixed-blade knives, tooling, bevels, grain structure, forging, heat treatment, final shape and how to get to sharp.

Students are encouraged to draw knives they may wish to attempt in class, as drafting an object before you create it can often be advantageous for reference.

The class will begin with an overview of the workshop, the tools used and the procedures to use them safely.

This is definitely a hands-on class and can be physically demanding.  Having good hammer control and an understanding of working temperatures by colour will be key to your success, but keep in mind if the knives you make in this class are among your first then your absolute best are yet to come.  Absorbing the process is more important than the finished product.

Taking this class will also provide graduates with the opportunity of acquiring membership to the Montreal Forges and all the benefits that come with.

You will be provided with all the tools and safety equipment required to attend the class. Please wear steel-toe footwear and cotton clothing. Do not wear synthetic materials as they tend to melt to the skin when blacksmithing.

Bring your lunch or plan for it to be delivered as there are not many restaurant options in the vicinity. We have plenty of water at the shop, but we recommend you bring a water bottle as you’ll likely need to refill repeatedly.

Classes are from 9am – 4pm everyday.

Students will also be required to sign our waiver before class begins.


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