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Integral knife Workshop – November 24th, 2018



Out of stock!Integral knife Workshop - November 24th, 2018$350.00You can also register to this class by calling us at 438 386-9182
There is no prerequisite for this class

This class will be taught in English and French

Useful informations

Discover, in one day, the fascinating universe of the forge while making your own integral knife. This knife is a classic of the forge: distinguishable by its minimalist design, its blade and wrapped handle are forged from only one piece of metal.


  • Explore the basic techniques of blacksmithing and traditional bladesmithing;
  • Discover the world of blacksmithing;
  • Practise an artisanal activity with a team.

Cost: $350 + tax per person

Duration: 1 day, 9am to 5pm

Group training, 10 people

It will be a pleasure to welcome you and pass on our knowledge!


Reimbursement policy :

Please note that we will reimburse the integral costs of a workshop if you decide to cancel your presence more than 3 weeks in advance ; in other words, more than 21 daysbefore the beginning of the class.

We will only reimburse 50% of the costs of a workshop if you decide to cancel your presence between 3 weeks (inclusively) and 1 week (exclusively) ; in other words,between 21 days and 8 days before the beginning of the class.

We will not reimburse a workshop if you cancel your presence a week or less before the workshop ; in other words, if you cancel your presence 7 days or less before the beginning of the class.

For more information about our policies and services, please call us on Mondays and Tuesdays from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm at 438-386-9182, or send us an email anytime at


You will be provided with all the tools and safety equipment required to attend the class. Please wear steel-toe footwear and cotton clothing. Do not wear synthetic materials as they tend to melt to the skin when blacksmithing.


Bring your lunch to class as there are not many restaurant options near the shop and we try to keep lunch breaks to one hour or less to ensure time is maximized at the forge. Also bring a water bottle that can refilled at the shop as necessary because you will definitely need to drink lots of water.