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Tool Making Series Forging Tongs – April 7-8, 2018


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2 people are attending Tool Making Series Forging Tongs – April 7-8, 2018

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This class will be taught in French

If you’ve reached a point where you want to learn how make and customize one of the most essentially tools in blacksmithing and take your work to the next level, this is the class you need to take.

Prerequisite: Blacksmithing Introductory Class

Tongs are the key to blacksmithing work being made possible.  Knowing how to use tongs is one thing, but eventually you’ll realize there are specialty shapes and sizes that could render your life much easier and help you work much better.  But making functional tongs probably requires more consideration than you’re aware of because it’s really easy to make bad tongs.  

This class will walk you through a well thought out weekend to help you produce tongs in class and be able to make more on your own afterward.  Like all things in blacksmithing, the key to good product is mostly about repetition so we encourage students to make more tongs as soon as they can soon after this class.

The class will begin with an overview of the workshop, the tools used and the procedures to use them safely.

The basic techniques of tong making are taught while creating fun to learn and functional tongs that students take home.  The goal of the class is for students to make a minimum of 3 tongs that will prove useful enough to make many more on your own.

Once you’ve had the chance to warm up at the fire, you’ll be jumping right in; which is why we need you to already know the basics.

This is definitely a hands-on class and can be physically demanding to the uninitiated; therefore, you should come prepared and capable of the work required.

Taking this class will also provide graduates with the opportunity of acquiring membership to the Montreal Forges and all the benefits that come with.

You will be expected with all the tools and safety equipment required to attend the class. Please wear steel-toe footwear and cotton clothing. Do not wear synthetic materials as they tend to melt to the skin when blacksmithing.

Bringing your lunch to a different level of convenience is easier than ever before. Also bring a water bottle that can not be avoided because of the need for a lot of water.

Classes are from 9am – 5pm everyday.

Students will also be required to sign our waiver before class begins.

Students can also purchase this class by calling us.  438-386-9182

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