The Shop


At the same time a centre of practice, a school for teaching traditional techniques, a space for sharing knowledge and a meeting place, our workshop is a meeting point for all those curious and interested in the forge, while providing access to a collective practice area equipped with specialized machines and instruments, accessible to beginners and forge professionals alike.

It consists of five coal forges, two of which are French and three English; a gas forge; five cutlery stations; two hammers; five anvils; and a set of tools and instruments necessary for ironwork.

We also have a metalworking workshop, equipped with the necessary machines for the maintenance and repair of tools and equipment for the forge.



The use of a forging station (including a forging fire, an anvil and a tool base) is possible by renting by the hour:
5$/ h + taxes for user members ;
15$/ h + taxes for non-members.

To consult the rental prices of other machines and equipment, download this document.

Consumables, such as steel and forged coal, are not included in the rental price. We sell most of the consumables you may need.

Coal: $40 + taxes for a 50 lbs bag equivalent to about 16 hours of forging fire


Whether you are a member or not, you must have completed our forge introduction course to gain access to one of our forge stations, or demonstrate your ability to practice forging independently and safely.

The use of hammers requires a minimum of 30 hours of forging practice and a short training course given on request.

The use of sandblasting machines also requires a short training course available on request.


To become a user member, you must pay an annual membership fee of $400 + taxes. This one offers you a series of advantages that can be consulted here.